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Is Personal Training or Pilates for you?

These services aim to help you achieve your goals whether your someone starting exercise for the first time wishing to get into better shape or someone who needs pushing beyond your normal comfort zone. With Murphysio we can provide you with an expert eye on your form, and guidance of exercises tailored to your needs. In addition you get the added benefit of physiotherapy advice that can help you prevent injury and aid recovery.   


Personal training can be provided for anybody whatever their ability or age. All you need, is a goal of what you would like to achieve. You'll have the opportunity to train in our rehabilitation area which provides all the necessary exercise equipment that can help improve your fitness and strength. In your first session we'll work with you to determine your program, understanding your goals and any physical problems you might have. We can give you that extra motivation you need throughout your training sessions on a regular basis or you might decide that we  guide you through your training program at specific intervals to make sure your meeting your goals.

Pilates offers a different approach to personal training. It focuses on using both the mind and body to optimize awareness of your body's movement. It helps condition and strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of the body using a variety of exercises that use gravity, body weight and equipment that act as forms of resistance. This results in a greater control of motion, improved technique and performance. It can also help with rehabilitation following injury, general conditioning and wellbeing. It can also enhance any other form of training you might be performing. If your new to Pilates Murphysio can offer you a beginners program to get you started, and if you've done it before then we can review your technique and help you improve your Pilates workout.  

An Animated history of Pilates
Clinic 45 Minute
Home Visit 45 Minute
Price may vary depending on distance from the clinic.
Please call to discuss your needs.
Clinic 1 Hour
Home Visit
1 Hour
Price may vary depending on distance from the clinic.
Please call to discuss your needs.
x 4 Sessions
10% Discount
x 8 Sessions
20% Discount
Block Bookings
More interested then add £5 for each extra person!
8 People Max