Zoom Video Call Information

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. It allows the physiotherapist to perform a physiotherapy assessment/treatment, from your webcam/built in camera and for you to see the physiotherapist advising, demonstrating exercises/movements/posture/techniques to aid your recovery.


Physiotherapy Sessions:

Zoom is a lovely way to be able to provide help and support, when it’s not possible to attend the Physiotherapy clinic in person.

Your first physiotherapy session will be performed through a video call, lasting up to 30 minutes depending on your circumstances or 15 minutes for any further video call follow ups thereafter. During your initial video call we can determine if your ongoing treatment can be performed in our clinic for a Face 2 Face (F2F) hands on appointment, unless you wish to continue the video call approach.

For physiotherapy assessments, you may be asked to partially undress, so please make sure you are in a private area, wearing suitable clothes with enough space to move around, as needed. F2F will be agreed once you have completed the COVID-19 screening measures and are safe to do so.


Booking Your Zoom Appointment:

Once we have booked your Video Call appointment you will receive an email confirming your appointment and a second email reminding you a day or so prior to your appointment with a link to join your video meeting. We advise you to click the link near the time of your booked appointment as your physiotherapist can then invite you to join the online call. Please bear in mind if there is a delay in communication the physiotherapist maybe just finishing with a previous client.

Download Software Prior To Appointment:

Prior to your appointment please make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your PC or mobile phone

depending which device you intend to use.


PC link here: https://zoom.us/support/download

Mobile device/phone:

Andriod: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings


Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id546505307


Points on Getting Started:

  • First off, find a quiet space, seated or on the floor (with or without a mat, for your own comfort,and with enough space to move without hurting yourself or damaging your home) and a suitable device that you want to use.

  • Set up your device where you can see it clearly - you may need to change its position once you’ve joined the call to make sure that the physiotherapist can see you properly (where possible). Cushions, heavy books and place mats make good device stands!

  • After you click the appointment link, you will be taken to the zoom meeting page. Here it will alert the physiotherapist that you have joined the meeting and are waiting to start. It will ask you to provide your name so the physiotherapist knows who is attending.

  • Once joined it will ask you about Audio (‘computer audio’so the physiotherapist can hear you.You may already be able to hear the physiotherapist) and then you can manually choose to allow your video to be included (it’s not automatic).

  • If it doesn’t seem to prompt you to do this, check along the bottom of your screen for ahead phones image and click where it says to ‘Join Audio‘. Next to the headphone / microphone image, there should be an image of a video camera. If this is crossed through or says ‘Start Video‘, that means your video is not yet on / turned off. Click on this to turn it on. You may already be able to see the physiotherapist but unless you turn the camera on, the physiotherapist cannot see you.


Hope to see you shortly on your Zoom Physiotherapy appointment!

Kind regards,

Murphysio Physiotherapy Service